MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality (MIT Virtuality for short) pioneers innovative experiences using technologies of virtuality — computing systems that construct imaginative experiences atop our physical world. Our approach to engineering and creative practices pushes the expressive potential of technologies of virtuality and simulates social and cognitive phenomena, while intrinsically considering their social and cultural impacts.

MIT Virtuality supports both creative projects and research endeavors.

MIT Virtuality has four components:

  • The studio brings faculty together with professionals to innovate new genres, aesthetics, and conventions for using technologies of virtuality.

  • The laboratory researches the design and impacts of these technologies focused on learning, simulation, and cognition. 

  • The salon creates events to further MIT’s intellectual and creative capacity of work regarding these technologies.

  • The hub connects students, experts, and resources focused on technologies of virtuality from across MIT.

Taken together, these functions advance the state of the art for virtuality research and development with a cutting-edge humanistic ethos that considers the social and ethical impacts of technologies as we invent them.

Visit the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality website for more, including details on specific projects: