News from Residential Education at Open Learning: Vol. 5, Issue 1, March 2, 2021.

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Remote Teaching by the Numbers

Fall 2020 semester was one of rapid transformation, creative response, and agile problem solving. A look at the numerical data reveals unprecedented efforts and sweeping changes made among faculty, staff, students (and pets).

Fall 2020
57,000 hours video played on Panopto
9,017 unique users on Panopto
1,086 Canvas courses
38,536 total Canvas enrollments

33 departments/subjects Canvas
61 MITx course sites
7,650 total MITx enrollments
45 Learning Technologists
5 sleepless nights
4 xTalks
2 new Res Ed dogs

Preliminary Spring 2021
1,044 Canvas courses
35,297 total Canvas enrollments
0 sleepless nights

3 xTalks




What is Learning Engineering?

This episode of the IEEE Learning Engineering Podcast explores what we mean by Learning Engineering. A team of experts, including Open Learning’s Aaron Kessler, discuss how the process of Learning Engineering has been developed and implemented, the importance of human-centered design and data-driven decision making, and critical contextual factors that point to engaging in such work equitably.




Upcoming xTalks

Tue., March 16, 4-5 pm EST. Zoom link:
The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge

  Peter Kaufman
  Open Learning Strategic Initiatives

Thur., March 25, 3-4 pm EST. Zoom link:
What a Fair and Equitable Classroom Looks Like

  Terry McGlynn
  Director of Undergraduate Research,  Professor of Biology, California State University



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