The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization's ability to learn faster than the competition.”

—Peter Senge—author, The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization and founding chair, The Society for Organizational Learning 

MIT Helps Organizations and Professionals Succeed

MIT was founded on the belief that a marriage of theory and practice best serves the Institute and the world. MIT’s motto: mens et manus (mind and hand) imbues the dual mission of advancing thinking and ensuring practical application into our research, teaching and culture.  An important component of MIT’s mission—bringing our knowledge to bear on the world’s greatest challenges—is enabling change through organizations and outstanding individuals.  Collaborating with companies, NGOs, governments and professionals to advance practical knowledge is not a side activity; it is central to MIT’s mission and purpose.

MIT is an established and esteemed partner for organizations and professionals who wish to succeed. The Institute has a history of working with leading corporations to advance research agendas and share cutting-edge knowledge. Through MIT Sloan Executive Education and MIT Professional Education, MIT has enabled some of the world’s most influential organizations to drive revolutionary change. MIT has also helped thousands of professionals transform their knowledge, skills, careers and lives.

Digital Capabilities Unlock New Potential

New digital capabilities unlock even greater potential for learning. 

  • Online classrooms create scalable solutions that allow professionals to learn, contribute, interact with one another, and form communities, all from their own workplace or home. 

  • Asynchronous platforms allow professionals to learn at a time convenient to them, a time that allows flexibility to fit around workplace and personal demands. 

  • New tools such as diagnostics, visualizations, animation, virtual reality, simulations, games, and evolved assessments enhance learning effectiveness and retention. MIT is on the forefront of developing many of these tools, and in gaining experience in using them to augment learning, recall and application.

MIT is also an emerging leader in developing scientific insights about how people learn. By bringing together findings from neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, biology, artificial intelligence and education, MIT is working to generate data-driven insight into the factors that enable and enhance learning. We will use this knowledge to develop even more effective methods of teaching and learning.

MIT’s Office of Digital Learning (ODL) works to bring these tools to MIT’s already expansive and effective executive and professional education offerings. In doing so, we blend the power of MIT—cutting edge knowledge, practical frameworks, and a solutions-based approach—with the potential of new digital learning capabilities to help corporations and professionals excel.

Our Offerings

At MIT, we recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to online learning. We are experimenting and innovating on a daily basis with digital learning, designing and delivering online programs in a variety of formats and for a range of customers. We offer individuals and organizations programs that meet their needs and address their business challenges, whatever they may be. Digital learning at MIT includes:

  • Large-scale, asynchronous online courses

  • More intimate synchronous programs

  • Immersive, collaborative, virtual experiences

  • Hybrid and blended programs that include an on-campus component

  • Games and simulations, and more

For individuals, MIT offers online programs in an open enrollment format. Business and technical professional executives are welcome to view and enroll in courses offered by MIT Sloan Executive Education, MIT Professional Education, and MITx. The current portfolio of open enrollment offerings features:

Check back here regularly as we have a pipeline of exciting new programs in development, with which MIT will continue to advance the frontiers of online and digital learning and provide unparalleled access to cutting-edge business and technology know-how.

For organizations, in addition to offering bulk enrollment discounts and special sessions of the above programs for companies that wish to purchase at scale, both MIT Sloan’s Office of Executive Education and the School of Engineering’s MIT Professional Education excel in designing and delivering customized programs that address the specific organizational and learning needs of major corporations. While MIT ran its first customized digital learning program over a decade ago (an MIT Sloan Executive Education course for a large financial institution), our customized programs increasingly include—or in some cases are mostly, or even entirely—online and/or digital delivery. 

Recent MIT Office of Digital Learning Successes

The Office of Digital Learning, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and MIT Professional Education introduced "Tackling the Challenges of Big Data", a digital course that brings leading thinking on how to collect, store, analyze, and apply Big Data to thousands of participants. CIO Today wrote: "The big data course offered by MIT should be required in any enterprise where business users interact with data. Business users crave big data and analytics tools, but without an understanding of what makes data good or bad they may make decisions based on insight that’s fallacious. MIT's big data course is an important step for the industry."  We also provided a custom section of Big Data to a Fortune 100 company, providing enhanced learning and tracking for their students.

In addition to partnering with MIT’s executive and professional education programs to develop courses aimed at traditional corporate audiences, ODL has been exploring how digital, online and blended short courses can be made available to new audiences, for whom typical "executive" and "professional" education courses may typically have been out of reach.

For example, ODL collaborated with MIT Sloan faculty to bring "Entrepreneurship 101: Who is Your Customer" to tens of thousands of college students and aspiring entrepreneurs.  From these, we selected 50 for an on-campus "Entrepreneurship Bootcamp"—five days of intensive learning, both in the classroom and through teamwork, to develop a business model and pitch it to a panel of investors. This is the kind of experience that historically has been available only to MIT’s on-campus undergraduate and graduate degree students. Over one quarter of the Bootcamp participants are now working to progress the start-up they accelerated during the course. Entrepreneurship 101 has already been translated into Spanish, Mandarin and Turkish and Entrepreneurship 102 has recently been launched. 

The Future

MIT’s Office of Digital Learning continues to innovate and collaborate across MIT to bring the latest digital and online learning from MIT to corporations and professionals. Currently MIT Sloan Executive Education and MIT Professional Education have courses under consideration or development in Radical Innovation, Negotiation, Supply Chain, Operations, Leadership, Systematic Innovation, 3D Manufacturing, User Innovation, and more, and we are planning to run more Entrepreneurship courses and boot camps.

If you represent a company or other organization and would like to explore how MIT’s digital learning capabilities can be leveraged to create solutions to meet your needs, or if you are a professional and would like to learn more about MIT’s digital offerings for lifelong learning, please contact us at:

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