Shailendra Mehta - The University of the Future: Lessons from a 2600 Year History

Sailendra Mehta
April 12, 2016 5:00pm
MIT Campus
MIT Community

The 2600 year history of universities consists of three broad periods, of 1800 years, 700 years and 100 years, during which respectively, the Indian, the European and US universities have been dominant. During these three periods which have rarely been looked at together, the university form evolved gradually to its present form.

We will look at nearly 20 innovations that have taken place in the university form during this time, and highlight the remarkably similar sets of problems that were solved thereby in different regions of the world. The continuing dynamism of US universities will also be touched upon, as stemming from their unique governance forms. We will also look at the impact of new technologies such as MOOCs on the evolution of the university form.

Prof. Shailendra Raj Mehta, is Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Chairman of the Board of Management at Auro University

This event co-sponsored with MIT-India Program.

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