With more than 5 million registrants from nearly every country, our course participants include high school students, undergraduates, professionals, lifelong learners, and educators. These are some of their experiences.

Despite the extraordinary pressures of adapting to the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic, learners have increasingly sought out MITx courses as a way to stay intellectually active, work toward longstanding goals, and affect change in themselves and in the world around them. MITx courses have seen over 500,000 enrollments since the start of the pandemic. >> Read more about how learners are turning to MITx

Professor Jeff Hoffman delivers a lecture as part of the materials for his MITx course, "Introduction to Aerospace Engineering." MITx courses have seen over 500,000 enrollments since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Photo courtesy of MITx.


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“I rushed through a course on entrepreneurship, and we tried changing a few things to see if we could reach out to customers more efficiently,” he says. “It was working.”

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The DEDP MicroMasters Program has empowered Innocent to “be part of the solution” to a situation that he and “millions of refugees and the poor around the world” understand all too well.

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“Without online learning, I’m not sure how I would have closed the gap in my knowledge base.”

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