MITx offers massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) on the edX and MITx Online platforms. From foundational STEM courses, through explorations of the humanities and social sciences, to advanced master’s level subjects that may fast-track a master’s degree, MITx courses come directly from the MIT classroom and span the full breadth of our academic programs. 

Learners from anywhere in the world can enroll in a course of their choosing and learn at no cost, or aim to earn a certificate of completion for a low fee. MITx courses are educational experiences that include interactions, such as problems that provide immediate feedback, discussion forums, videos, readings, and tools that deepen their learning.

MITx also supports the use of digital learning tools and techniques on the MIT campus. We are committed to leveraging best practices in emerging digital and scalable learning environments in our online courses to help learners everywhere succeed.

We celebrate ten years of MITx by sharing the impact of MITx MOOCs, teaching and learning breakthroughs, and the stunning scale of access and equity enabled by these open courses. To learn more, please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an MITx course?

Visit our course catalog to see our entire set of offerings, and click any link to view the enrollment page. You’ll see all of the important details about the course, and have the opportunity to enroll. Courses are offered on MITx Online and  In order to enroll in courses on you’ll need to create an edX account . For courses on MITx Online you will need to create an MITx Online account to enroll. Once you select Enroll Now, you can select the certificate track or enroll for free in the audit track, and choose to upgrade to the certificate track later. 

How can I earn a certificate?

To earn a verified certificate, you must enroll in the certificate track and pay the associated fee. If you pass the course according to the grading policy, you will automatically earn a certificate, which is delivered digitally through your Learner Dashboard on either platform. 

How do I prepare for an MITx course?

A desire to learn is required and you’ll find prerequisites listed in each course. You may also consider reviewing free and open MIT course materials on MIT OpenCourseWare or on MIT Open Learning Library.

What if I cannot afford the cost of a certificate?

Certain courses provide have financial assistance for those who may not be able to afford the certificate fee. On edx, learn more here. For MITx Online courses you will see if financial assistance is available on the about page. 

Where can I get help for an issue with my edX account or course experience?

edX provides 24/7 learner support as well as a Help Center. 

Where can I get help for an issue with my MITx Online account or course experience?

MIT provides learner support via the website.