We believe that people everywhere will benefit from a transformative education enabled by new digital technologies and innovative approaches to learning.

If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are opportunities to change things, then there is a possibility that you can contribute to making a better world."

— Noam Chomsky

Open Learning works closely with faculty, students and staff to progress our understanding and use of digital technologies to improve learning, on the MIT campus and worldwide. Our business units center on our constituents at MIT, as well as partners beyond campus.  Our supporting units are organized functionally.

Organizational units

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Residential education

Residential education partners with MIT instructors to facilitate and progress use of digital technologies for our residential students.  We connect faculty who are pioneering new learning technologies, to facilitate information sharing. We provide information and resources for faculty who wish to understand and utilize possibilities that new technology presents. We encourage and enable research on pedagogies, tools and outcomes using digital learning.

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If you are an MIT faculty member interested in learning about working with us, please visit For MIT Faculty.

Open education

Our open education group provides technologies and other support that help MIT faculty lower the barriers to learning and share MIT with the world. The group is comprised of two teams: OpenCourseWare and MITx on edX. Our objective is to enable global access to MIT's faculty and ideas.


OpenCourseWare (OCW) represents a 14-year commitment by MIT’s leadership to global education. OCW began as a bold experiment for sharing knowledge and increasing opportunity. Faculty provide the OCW team with course materials and pedagogical insights, then we publish them online, under an open license, for access by learners and educators around the world. Currently, materials are available from over 2,200 courses. OCW materials have been accessed by over 175 million people worldwide, and over 65% of MIT faculty publish on OCW.

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MITx on edX

MITx supports faculty as they create open online courses as well as corporate and professional courses that are offered to learners worldwide on the edX platform. MITx also helps faculty conduct data-driven research in digital learning environments. There are currently over 40 MITx courses available on edX. Since the inception of MITx, there have been over 2 million registrants and over 1.1 unique learners from 195 countries.

Sharing MIT with the world

Strategic Education Initiatives

Our Strategic Education Initiatives (SEI) group supports MIT’s partnerships with other universities, foundations and trusts, non-governmental organizations, and national governments to experiment with and implement digital learning. Some SEI projects span across nations and hundreds of schools, helping to advance the field of digital learning for practitioners, researchers, and learners at MIT and around the world.

SEI also partners with faculty to create new digital tools for use in MITx courses in edX and in residential teaching. SEI’s work in other settings can lead to new pedagogy and curriculum design at MIT. Through these initiatives, MIT is furthering its mission to advance learning worldwide.

SEI solutions and products


MVP provides video production services to support the creation of course materials and distance learning, as well as more broadly for academic programs, departments and Institute initiatives. MVP offers a variety of services including video production, distance education support, webcasting, post-production, and publishing video to the web. MVP creates many of the videos used in both online and residential courses.

Engineering and Technical Operations

Our Engineering and Technical Operations group provides sustainable and scalable technology solutions that create the highest impact on ODL's core mission. Our technology services, including MITx, scale, using automation, to benefit students and faculty at MIT and beyond; providing modern infrastruture for digital learning apps; and extending edX with MIT-specific apps; and creating scalable tools and APIs that work within the MIT ecosystem.

Business Operations

Business Operations includes finance and accounting, human resources, marketing and communications, space, and general administration. We provide support for the rest of ODL, in defining and implementing strategic, operational and organizational improvements and in facilitating ongoing operations. We also collaborate across the Institute to ensure that our work is in accordance with MIT best practices and policy and that it aligns with the Institute's broader purpose.