January 30, 2019

This is a free event for MIT faculty, students, and staff. Registration is required.

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Join us for immersive learning, futuristic experiences, and visions of education to come from thought leaders in pioneering initiatives. Explore the frontiers of virtual learning with hands-on activities and learn about cutting edge initiatives at the Institute and beyond.


9:30-10:00 (10-250 Lobby) Continental Breakfast

10:00-11:00 (10-250) Keynote Address: Math For All: Building a Thinking Society

Po-Shen Loh, mathematician, Associate Professor Carnegie Mellon University, founder of Expii, coach of US International Math Olympiad Team

11:00-12:30 (10-250) Panel: Virtual Experience, Real Liberation: Technologies for Education and the Arts

Extended Reality (XR) Technologies for Social Empowerment and Learning: 
D. Fox Harrell, Professor of Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence, MIT; Director of the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality

Using Immersive Virtual Environments to Combat Implicit Bias and Stereotype Threat​: 
Tabitha Peck, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Davidson College; Associate Editor, Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments

Bringing the Joy of Music Making to Non-Musicians: 
Eran Egozy, Professor of the Practice in Music Technology, MIT; Co-founder Harmonix; Clarinetist with Radius Ensemble

12:30-2:00 (Lobbies 10 & 13) Learning Expo. Engage with thirty MIT initiatives from throughout the Institute. Lunch provided.

2:00 Workshops

Applying Learning Sciences to Instruction: An Introductory Workshop with Aaron Kessler, Senior Learning Scientist, MIT (2:00-4:00; 2-131)

Experiential Learning at MIT: What’s Our Future? A Hands-on Brainstorming Session with Kate Trimble, Senior Associate Dean, Director OEL, MIT (2:00-3:30; 2-136)

An Introduction to Body-Ownership Illusions with Tabitha Peck, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Davidson College (2:00-3:00; 2-132)

Registration is open. There is no fee to MIT faculty, students, and staff, but registration is required. 

The Festival of Learning is a partnership between MIT OpenLearning (OL) and the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

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