Past xTalks


Title / DescriptionPresenter(s)Video Link
Reimagining higher education: Lessons from around the worldBryan Penprase
Leveraging technology to help students with challenging course conceptsMohamed Abdelhafez 
Transforming MIT subjects on Canvas for better instructionMaria Khotimsky, Rik Eberhardt, Tyler Smith


Title / DescriptionPresenter(s)Video Link
AR/VR in teaching at MIT: Possibilities and approachesJohn Liu 
Adapting as a teaching assistant: Resources to meet instructor and student needsBenjamin Hansberry, Tyler Smith, Lauren Totino 
Building Confidence in Inclusive Teaching: MIT Biology's Hybrid Training ApproachDarcy Gordon
Reflections on Teaching & Learning with Technology and Preparing for AY23-24Adam C. Martin
Leveraging Virtual Crisis Simulation and Games to Deepen Learning and Bridge DividesBenjamin Harris, Suzanne Freeman
Encouraging Students to Share Their Perspectives and Questions on Course TopicsStefan Helmreich, Maxine Jonas 


Title / DescriptionPresenter(s)Video Link
Re-Thinking Student Assessment for Better LearningEd Bertschinger, Laura Frawley 
Using Learning Engineering to Improve Instruction at MITAaron Kessler, Lauren Totino
Using Digital Technologies to Refresh On-Campus Courses Over TimeMichael Short, Sean Robinson, Moni Avello
Leveraging Technology to Build and Sustain the Classroom CommunityMichelle Tomasik, Maria Khotimsky
Canvas Tools for Assessments: Options & StrategiesMeredith Davies, Lauren Totino
Canvas Tools for Teaching and LearningMeredith Davies



Title / DescriptionPresenter(s)Video Link
Slack in Education: a conversation with colleaguesStefan Helmreich, Monika Avello, Tristan Collins, Lauren Totino
Deliberate Practice Homework to Enhance Effectiveness of Active LearningLouis Deslauriers
Reciprocity in Leadership and Learning: Negotiating Impactful PartnershipsBruno Verdini, Shigeru Miyagawa
World of EdCraft: Adventures In Synchronous Online TeachingAndrew Lo
What a Fair and Equitable Classroom Looks LikeTerry McGlynn
The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free KnowledgePeter B. Kaufman
Canvas Next StepsMeredith Davies
Canvas Quick StartMeredith Davies
Using MIT’s Lightboard for Enhanced InstructionAnna Frebel, Agustin Rayo, Joey Gu, Jim Cain
xTalk Panel Discussion: Assessments & Assignments for Remote LearningMichelle Ruth Tomasik, Barbara Hughey, Craig Carter
MOOCs: Curricular Innovations, Modes of Delivery & Student BehaviorJessica Sandland, Monika Avello, Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Ana Bell



Title / DescriptionPresenter(s)Video Link
Building Community in a Remote ClassroomSimona Socrate, Ari Epstein, and Kang Zhou
"Grasp - The Science Transforming How We Learn"Sanjay Sarma, Luke Yoquinto
Lessons Learned from Using Physiological Sensing in Learning EnvironmentsNataliya Kosmyna



Title / DescriptionPresenter(s)Video Link
Authenticity, Interactivity, and Collaboration: Designing for Success in VR Learning GamesEric Klopfer, Meredith Thompson
Adaptive Learning of Motor Skills by Varying Task DifficultyStefanie Mueller, Dishita Turakhia
Technology Mediated Feedback: Powerful, Clear, and PersonalizedMichael Phillips
Computer-based Testing Facilities for Scalable, Excellent, and Secure STEM AssessmentCraig Zilles
iSSP: A Dynamic Interactive TextbookTed Young
Innovating Education on a Large Scale: What, Why, and HowAnnoesjka Cabo
Online Learning Innovations and InterventionsEva Ponce, Kyle Keane, Pawan Sinha
Lever for Change: Open Grantmaking at ScaleJeff Ubois
Assistive Technology for Opening Minds, Hands, and HeartsJulie Greenberg, Kyle Keane, Anna Musser, Jaya Narain, Pramoda Karnati
The Mahali Innovation LabEva Kaplan
Text Messages and the Future of Digital EducationMichael Ioffen/a



Title / DescriptionPresenter(s)Video Link
Guided Discovery as a Teaching MethodEmanuel “Ely” Sachsn/a
Immersive Realities for Learning & CreativityDeepak Chopran/a
Impact of Online Education on Campus EducationWillem van Valkenburg
New Technologies Won’t Reduce Scarcity, but Here’s Something That MightVasilis Kostakis
Doing Things with MOOCs: Utilization Strategies of Learners in Massively Open Online CoursesMitchell Stevens
From Distance Universities To Universities Without DistancesJosep Planelln/a
If Open is the Answer, What Was the Question?Loic Tallon
The Cognitive Science of Teaching and LearningKeith Baker
The Dynamics of Affect in Online LearningRyan Baker
Building Education-to-Employment Programs That Actually WorkPierre Dubuc